I absolutely love the power of collaboration! 
The Poor Girls Pantry has been featured on a few blogs recently, so I thought it'd be nice to keep record of them somewhere
(mainly for Mum!) 


Bare Blends

One of our favourite local Byron brands has to be Bare Blends. We use their products nearly every single day and are always experimenting with new flavours and recipes.
We also spilled some dirt on each other in a recent interview.
The Interview: https://bareblends.com.au/blog/getting-bare-with-elise-sarah-mae/
Choc Berry Muffins: https://bareblends.com.au/blog/choc-berry-muffins/
Healthy Pancakes: https://bareblends.com.au/blog/healthy-pancakes/

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Your Zen Life 

Okay when we were contacted by Teresa Palmers beautiful Manager Cassandra, we literally jumped up and down in the kitchen screaming!
It was so awesome to be featured on this  blog alongside some pretty inspiring people.
10 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget: http://yourzenlife.com/poor-girls-pantry-10-tips-eating-healthy-budget/
Pumpkin, Chickpea & Spinach Curry: http://yourzenlife.com/recipe-poor-girls-pantry-pumpkin-chickpea-spinach-curry/