If you're anything like me, you're probably really broke and wanting to eat healthily. I have figured out how to achieve this on a tight budget, and I hope I can inspire you to do the same!
Let's break the myth that
healthy = expensive!
The Overeating Wog

The Overeating Wog

Do you ever feel like you're consistently full, bloated, fatigued? Well if you do, you aren't alone. For years I've been on a consistent rollercoaster of overeating / binge eating. (I do believe this is because I'm Italian and we're trained to inhale food like dogs).

 I didn't realise until recently, that even though I was technically eating healthily, I was still stuck with the consistent battle of feeling bloated and sick on a day-to-day basis. I'd wake up every day and honestly sit there trying to figure out what foods could possibly be making me feel so sick. 

It was only a few weeks back that I asked my partner to help me. He is a personal trainer and an all round legend. I was sick of feeling fat, sick, and just overall gross within myself.

He gave me a rough guide of what I should be eating on a day to day basis and what times. So I was like 'fuck it, let's do it'. 

Day one - I made a delicious huge bowl of greens for breakfast. Here I was thinking I was killing it. He looked at me and goes "Elise.. really? Look how big that serving is." At first I was distraught "OMG are you saying I'm fat, OMG I hate you, they're vegetables, what's wrong with that OMG." (I'm very dramatic), and then the AH-HA moment clicked. Overeating is one of the reasons I feel the way I do. I am a little person, I don't need to be eating a whole farms worth of greens in one sitting. From then on, I have reduced my portions, and I tell you what.. GURRRRRRRL I have never felt better.


Besides reducing my portions, I'm also eating a little differently. I'm a gal that LOVES rice, flours etc. I would eat these foods on a daily basis. I decided to cut out rice, grains & flour from my diet. A week later without rice, I treated to some sushi, and I tell ya what, I have never felt more sick in my life. It's like when you see a dog, and you fall in love with it straight away, and all you want in the world is for it to love you back, but it doesn't. HOW CAN SOMETHING YOU LOVE TREAT YOU LIKE THAT?!?!

After a week of exercising & eating differently, my skin had cleared, my stomach pains had stopped, my acid reflux had disappeared, I was no longer bloated and was starting to look slimmer than I had in a long time. I had never felt better.

I began eating rice again, or a little bit of gluten free flour, and all the shitty symptoms of my body that had disappeared, started to creep back into my life. UGH. Now, a few weeks later, eating reasonably clean, I feel like I've finally found a balance within my body and I know what it wants and needs to be healthy.

So by no means am I a dietician, I am just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, testing out different ways to feel the best in myself. Everybody is different and has different dietary requirements, so listen to your body & intuition. It will know what to do.

Here it is - a general overview of the new Elise's day-to-day menu.


Eggs with avo, baby spinach & sometimes smoked salmon


A big smoothie bowl

(Almond milk, frozen mango, 2 medjool dates, tahini or avo, Vegan plant based protein powder & greens or berries powder)


(varies between)

Almonds/berries/medjool dates


Salad filled with leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, a small amount of sweet potato and any other veggie I have in the house.


Smoothie bowl


(Stated above)


Greens with or without protein depending on how I feel (usually salmon if I do add protein)

Salad (varies)

Smoothie bowl (yes I'm addicted)

So if you feel anything like I do, I recommend that you give this way of eating a crack, and if this hasn't resonated with you I'm sorry and I'll buy you a puppy when I'm rich to say sorry haha.


SIDE NOTE: I am not a veggo, but I 90% of the time eat like one. Sometimes I really crave fish or chicken, and if I feel like that I will eat it, but it's not often that I crave meat.




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