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Let's break the myth that
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Vegan Cheesie Bake Recipe

Vegan Cheesie Bake Recipe

Happy 2018!!

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and that your year is off to an epic start!
We went from 0 - 100 last year and after being busier than ever we basically fell into a heap and enjoyed a few weeks of the simple Byron life over the holiday season.
The break was amazing, but we are so happy to be back!

With Poor Girls Platters pretty much coming out our ears over the past few months, we haven't had much time or inspiration to blog or cook which has left us feeling a bit deflated!

But! Elise made this epic Vegan Cheesie Bake over Chrissy and it was amazing!
We wanted to share it with you because lets face it, we all ate our body weight in food over the past few weeks and going back to reality has been a rude shock for us all.
This recipe is healthy AF, delicious and will make you feel like you are still on holidays!
You're welcome!


What you're gonna need:
1 x large zucchini (sliced thinly)
1/2 x large broccoli (cut into small pieces)
1/2 x large purple sweet potato (halved then sliced thinly)
1/2 x large head of cauliflower (cut into small pieces)
2 x cloves of garlic (chopped)
1/8 cup coconut milk
150g roasted macadamias
Nutritional yeast flakes
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

And here's what you're gonna do:
Preheat oven to 200c. Spread a thin amount of olive oil over a baking tray.
Place cauliflower in a saucepan filled with boiling water.
Boil for 5 mins.Drain.
In a food processor, place macadamias, pulse until they have turned into a butter.
Add cauliflower, salt & pepper, nutritional yeast (around 1/4 cup), and coconut milk and blend until it has become a smooth 'cheese' like consistency.

Slice zucchini & place at the bottom of the baking tray. Layer the slices sweet potato on top. Scatter the broccoli heads & chopped garlic throughout the sweet potato ( making sure the baking tray is covered).

Add salt & nutritional yeast so it is evenly distributed throughout the veggies.

Spread your 'cheese' over the veggies in the baking tray, making sure that the sweet potatoes are fully covered by the cheese.
Sprinkling more nutritional yeast & salt on top to ensure the crispy texture.

Bake for roughly 20+ minutes (just keep an eye on it).

*side note* this recipe is based on what we had in our house.
You can double, triple the quantity etc if you want to make a huge one! It's all about experimenting at the end of the day!


2018 feels like a good year already, we have lots of exciting things to come and are so grateful that you guys are coming on the journey with us!

So Much Love
Sarah Mae & Elise
x x




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